Construction Management and Consultancy
ASIA, Inc. is a multi-national Construction, Engineering and
Developer of Wind, Solar and Hydro Power Project. We
existed since 1979 and specialize in:

                     - Renewable Energy         
     - Engineering   
     - Construction  
     - Development  

The company is run and managed by 
Italian and Filipino nationals, who are
also licensed Civil Engineers and have between
25 to 40 years experience in all aspects of construction.

Construction Management and Consultancy on the NEWS
Article 1: Construction Management and Consultancy Asia: An Epic vision
Construction Management and Consultancy Asia embodies the essential Italian theme: to build upon epic Visions.

From its perception in 1979 by a small group of workers, Construction Management and Consultancy has since expanded through the years...

Article 2: Armando de Rossi: The Man at the Helm
ARMANDO "Andy" de Rossi, Construction Management and Consultancy Asia's President, is an Italian by birth but virtually a Filipino at heart. He easily blends into the local crowd, interspersing his heartily exchanges with catchy Filipino...

Article 3: US Green Building and Energy Saving Housing Project...
An Italian Technology that applies here in the Philippines using Construction Management and Consultancy Building Systems...

Article 4: The Wind Energy Project at Oriental Mindoro Philippines
The transformation of Electricity into Renewable Energy as Wind Energy to provide electricity into the whole island of Mindoro...

The Local Government of Oriental Mindoro, Cong. Rodolfo G. Valencia and Gov. Alfonso Umali grant to fund budget for Renewable Energy at Oriental Mindoro....
Local Government Supporting Renewable Energy (Phillipine Star Issue - November 30, 2010)

Local Government Supporting Renewable Energy with Italian Firm that ready to invest and make a state of the Art Wind Farm at Oriental Mindoro (Inquirer Issue - November 30, 2010) montblanc replica iwc replica watches

Joint Project by PHESI-Brulli Energia-Local Government of Mindoro to pursue the Renewable Energy Project (Manila Times Issue - November 30, 2010)

Article 5: Wind and Solar Energy at Palau
Palau is on changing methods of electricity, Renewable Energies are the complete answer to porivide the necessity of the whole Republic...

Article 6: A Phil-Italian get-together replik uhren hublot replica replique tag heuer
Construction Management and Consultancy Asia record finish. Construction Management and Consultancy Asia President Armando "Andy" de Rossi deserves every congratulation that comes his way...

Article 7: Build good relations with staff and clients, and money will come
While keeping a distance from their employees is how some executives get the respect of their subordinates, this Italian boss does the opposite...

Article 8: The epic of a man
The de Rossi epic treats of a great passion of one man, who accomplished things in a grand style and with such a great heart...



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